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Centretown, in the heart of Ottawa, is a vibrant urban neighbourhood that seamlessly blends historic charm with modern living. Known for its bustling streets, Victorian architecture, and diverse cultural scene, it's a magnet for foodies, shoppers, and culture enthusiasts with its array of trendy cafes, eclectic restaurants, and unique boutiques. Ideal for young professionals, Centretown offers a lively atmosphere with convenient access to public transport and city amenities. Green spaces and community events foster a strong sense of belonging, making it a perfect mix of urban excitement and community spirit for those seeking dynamic city living.


About Centretown

Centretown, the pulsating heart of Ottawa, stands as a testament to the perfect blend of historic elegance and contemporary urban dynamism. This neighbourhood, sprawling at the city’s core, is a bustling hub of activity, drawing a diverse populace that includes young professionals, families, and students. Its streets are a picturesque showcase of well-preserved Victorian architecture, juxtaposed with sleek modern buildings. This architectural tapestry not only adds to the area’s aesthetic appeal but also reflects the rich historical heritage of Canada’s capital. 

The neighbourhood thrives as a cultural melting pot, boasting an array of gastronomic delights and shopping experiences. Trendy cafes and artisanal coffee shops are scattered throughout, serving as popular local hangouts and offering a taste of the city’s vibrant coffee culture. Restaurants featuring international cuisines line the streets, providing a culinary journey around the world. The shopping scene in Centretown is equally diverse, with boutique stores and local artisans offering everything from fashionable attire to unique handcrafted goods. 

The Centretown neighbourhood in Ottawa is a diverse and vibrant area, encompassing several distinct communities. It includes the Golden Triangle, Downtown Ottawa, Parliament Corridor, West Centretown, Central Centretown, and the Ottawa Community Housing communities at Maclaren Towers, McAuley Place, and Somerset Towers. Furthermore, West Centretown extends to include Lebreton Flats, Hintonburg, Mechanicsville,  Dow’s Lake, Dalhousie, Chinatown, and Little Italy. Each of these areas contributes its unique cultural and architectural flavor, making Centretown a rich mosaic of urban life.

Centretown offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s rich past. Dating back to the 19th century, this neighbourhood originally flourished as a residential haven for Ottawa’s growing middle class. Its streets are lined with Victorian-style homes, many preserved in their original splendor, showcasing the architectural legacy of that era. As Ottawa evolved into Canada’s capital, Centretown mirrored this growth, transforming into a bustling hub with a mix of commercial, residential, and governmental buildings. This unique blend of residential charm and civic significance makes Centretown not just a central business district, but also a repository of Ottawa’s vibrant history. Walking through its streets, one experiences a living narrative of the city’s development, with each building and corner telling its own story. Centretown’s historical journey from a simple residential area to a key part of Canada’s capital encapsulates the dynamic evolution of Ottawa, making it an essential destination for those interested in the city’s heritage and culture.

Centretown, located in the heart of Ottawa, offers a unique real estate market known for its diverse blend of housing styles. This vibrant urban neighbourhood is characterized by its beautiful Victorian-style detached homes and an array of high-rise apartments. The homes in Centretown range from charming, historic one-storey residences to more spacious, multi-level townhouses and condos. These properties often boast sturdy construction with features like classic brick exteriors and contemporary finishes, accommodating a variety of preferences with homes that typically include three or more bedrooms and bathrooms. The allure of Centretown is enhanced by its mix of old-world charm and modern urban living. Its streets are lined with mature trees and a blend of heritage homes and recent developments, offering a picturesque urban landscape. For those seeking a more compact lifestyle, the area’s stylish condos provide an ideal option for easy, low-maintenance living. With its combination of historical elegance, modern amenities, and prime location in Canada’s capital, Centretown stands out as a sought-after destination for homebuyers and real estate enthusiasts.

Centretown, an integral neighbourhood in Ottawa, includes the city’s downtown core within its boundaries. Defined by Gloucester Street and Lisgar Street to the north, the Rideau Canal to the east, the Queensway freeway to the south, and Bronson Avenue to the west, Centretown is essentially the heart of downtown Ottawa. This area is a bustling hub of urban activity, blending business, culture, and residential life. Its central location is key for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the full experience of Canada’s capital, offering easy access to major landmarks, cultural venues, and a wide array of dining and shopping options. In essence, when one is in Centretown, they are in the vibrant centre of downtown Ottawa.

Centretown is a treasure trove of recreation and family fun, offering a plethora of activities to suit all ages. Just a stone’s throw away, the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides year-round enjoyment – from scenic walks and bike rides along its pathways to the world-famous Rideau Canal Skateway in winter. For green space enthusiasts, Dundonald Park offers a serene retreat with playgrounds and picnic areas, ideal for family outings. The Central Experimental Farm, another key feature, provides a green escape within the urban landscape, perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and nature exploration. Cultural experiences abound with the nearby Canadian Museum of Nature, a family favourite that combines education with entertainment through its interactive exhibits. Additionally, the neighbourhood’s close proximity to Parliament Hill allows for fascinating tours and the chance to witness the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony. With its central location, Centretown also provides easy access to Ottawa’s numerous festivals, markets, and events, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to explore for families and recreation seekers.

Centretown in Ottawa is a shopping haven, boasting several major shopping centres and unique retail streets. The CF Rideau Centre, just a short walk away, is a premier shopping destination. It’s home to a wide array of stores ranging from luxury brands to popular retail chains, along with a variety of dining options. Sparks Street Mall, an iconic outdoor pedestrian shopping area, offers a charming blend of boutique shops, local artisans, and eateries, set against a backdrop of historical and modern architecture. For a more localized shopping experience, Bank Street, running through the heart of Centretown, is lined with independent shops offering trendy fashion, specialty foods, and unique home decor. Elgin Street also presents a diverse range of shops and services, adding to the neighbourhood’s vibrant shopping scene. These streets are more than just shopping venues; they are cultural hubs reflecting Centretown’s dynamic and eclectic character. Whether you’re drawn to the expansive options of large malls or the intimate charm of local boutiques, Centretown’s diverse shopping landscape caters to all tastes and styles, making it a key shopping destination in Ottawa.

Centretown is a vibrant and bustling community in the heart of Ottawa, renowned for its lively urban atmosphere and welcoming vibe. Perfectly located near the cultural hub of the National Arts Centre, it offers residents and visitors easy access to arts and entertainment. The neighbourhood is also an educational hotspot, with over nine schools nearby, addressing a wide spectrum of learning preferences. Moreover, Centretown’s inclusive spirit is mirrored in its array of at least six churches, catering to diverse faiths and fostering a strong sense of community.

Schools in Centretown

Centretown in Ottawa stands out not just as a lively and active community, but also as a centre for education. Home to over nine schools within and around its welcoming streets, this neighbourhood offers a superb setting for academic growth and personal development. The area’s vibrant atmosphere combines with its educational opportunities to make it an ideal place for learners of all ages.

schools in Centretown

Public Elementary Schools in Centretown

Centretown is enriched by the presence of several public elementary schools, playing a vital role in the early education of young minds. These schools are a cornerstone of the community, greatly contributing to the academic and social development of their students. Each school, with its distinct approach to education, shares a key trait: they all offer a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring a supportive learning environment for every student.

Elgin Street Public School is a vibrant educational institution serving students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. This school is known for its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where young learners are encouraged to grow both academically and personally. With a diverse student body and a dedicated staff, Elgin Street Public School emphasizes a well-rounded educational experience, integrating core academic subjects with arts, physical education, and social learning opportunities. The school’s central location in Centretown makes it an integral part of the community, offering a welcoming and dynamic setting for the early educational journey of its students.

Centennial Public School, nestled in the bustling Centretown area of Ottawa, serves students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6. This school is renowned for its diverse and inclusive educational environment, where students are encouraged to engage in a wide array of learning experiences. With a focus on both academic excellence and personal growth, Centennial Public School offers a curriculum that includes core subjects, arts, technology, and physical education. As a part of the Centretown community, Centennial Public School plays a crucial role in shaping the educational and social landscape of the area, providing a solid foundation for the future leaders of tomorrow.

Cambridge Street Community Public School, located in the vibrant Centretown area of Ottawa, serves a diverse community of students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. This school is celebrated for its inclusive and engaging educational environment, where students are encouraged to explore and grow in a variety of learning areas. With a curriculum that emphasizes a balance between academic skills, arts, and physical education, Cambridge Street Community Public School is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded students. The school’s focus on community involvement and social development is evident in its various programs and activities. The dedicated staff and supportive atmosphere at Cambridge Street Community Public School make it a nurturing place for students to embark on their educational journey, playing a vital role in the Centretown community.

  • Address: 250 Cambridge St N
  • Grade: JK to Grade 6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Le Phare Elementary School, situated in the dynamic Centretown neighbourhood of Ottawa, caters to a diverse student body from Kindergarten through Grade 5. This school is renowned for its vibrant and inclusive learning environment, where students are encouraged to engage in a comprehensive range of educational experiences. Le Phare focuses on fostering both academic proficiency and personal growth, offering a rich curriculum that encompasses core subjects, arts, technology, and physical education. The school’s commitment to bilingual education stands out, providing students with an immersive experience in both English and French. Le Phare Elementary School’s dedicated staff, engaging programs, and supportive community make it a beacon of bilingual education in Centretown, nurturing the development of young learners in a culturally rich setting.

  • Address: 1965 Naskapi Dr
  • Grade: JK to Grade 5
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Public Secondary Schools in Centretown

Centretown is home to several public secondary schools that play a crucial role in the education and development of its youth. These high schools are key in fostering academic success and personal development during the pivotal teenage years. As cornerstones of the community, they guide students through their formative high school experience and prepare them for future challenges. Known for their supportive and inclusive atmospheres, these institutions work closely with families to provide a comprehensive and positive educational journey for each student. Their commitment to the holistic growth of young individuals makes them essential to the fabric of the Centretown community.

Glashan Public School, situated in the lively neighbourhood of Centretown, Ottawa, caters to students in Grades 7 and 8. Known for its dynamic and inclusive educational atmosphere, Glashan stands out for its focus on fostering academic excellence and personal development among its students. The school offers a diverse range of programs, including advanced academic courses, arts, and physical education, all aimed at providing a holistic learning experience. The dedicated team of educators at Glashan Public School is committed to creating a supportive and engaging environment where students are encouraged to explore their interests and develop new skills. As an integral part of the Centretown community, Glashan Public School is a beacon of education, nurturing the growth of young individuals as they prepare for their high school years.

  • Address: 28 Arlington Ave
  • Grade: Grades 7 to 8
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Lisgar Collegiate Institute, located in the heart of Centretown, Ottawa, is a prominent public secondary school known for its strong academic programs and rich history. Serving students from Grades 9 to 12, Lisgar is celebrated for its commitment to academic excellence and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The school offers a stimulating environment that encourages students to achieve their best, both academically and personally. With a diverse range of courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) options, Lisgar provides students with numerous opportunities for learning and growth. The school’s inclusive and supportive atmosphere, combined with its deep roots in the community, make it a standout institution for nurturing the potential of young minds in the Centretown area, preparing them for future academic and professional success.

Richard Pfaff Alternate Program, situated in the Centretown area of Ottawa, offers a unique and supportive educational environment for students in Grades 9 to 12. This program is designed for those who thrive in an alternative learning setting, providing a more personalized and flexible approach to education. Richard Pfaff focuses on meeting the individual needs of each student, fostering both academic and personal growth through tailored instruction and support. The program emphasizes the development of life skills, critical thinking, and self-directed learning, equipping students with the tools they need for success both in and outside of the classroom. As a vital part of the Centretown educational landscape, Richard Pfaff Alternate Program plays a crucial role in providing an inclusive and adaptable learning space for students seeking a different high school experience.

  • Address: 160 Percy St
  • Grade: Grades 9 to 12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Catholic Elementary Schools in Centretown

Corpus Christi Elementary School, nestled in the bustling neighbourhood of Centretown, Ottawa, serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 6. This Catholic school is known for its nurturing environment and commitment to holistic education, blending academic learning with spiritual and moral development. Corpus Christi focuses on creating a supportive community where students are encouraged to explore their potential in a respectful and inclusive setting. The curriculum is designed to cater to a wide range of learning styles, incorporating both traditional academic subjects and values-based education. This approach ensures that students not only excel academically but also grow into well-rounded individuals. As an integral part of the Centretown community, Corpus Christi Elementary School is dedicated to fostering a strong foundation for the young minds in its care.

Catholic Secondary Schools in Centretown

Centretown’s Catholic secondary school, located in the heart of Ottawa, is a nurturing and dynamic educational environment for students. This institution is pivotal in fostering academic excellence and personal growth, playing a significant role in the community. It prepares teenagers for their future endeavors, offering a memorable and enriching high school experience. The school is known for its friendly and supportive atmosphere and works closely with families to ensure a positive learning environment. It emphasizes not just education but also character development, ensuring students leave well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Immaculata High School, positioned in the vibrant Centretown district of Ottawa, is a Catholic secondary school renowned for its dedication to fostering academic excellence and personal growth in students. As a key educational institution in the community, Immaculata plays a crucial role in shaping the high school experience, preparing teenagers for their future academic and professional journeys. The school is celebrated for its welcoming and supportive environment, where students are encouraged to excel in both their studies and personal development. Immaculata works closely with families to create a nurturing and enriching learning atmosphere, emphasizing a well-rounded education that includes character development. This approach ensures that students are not only academically proficient but also well-equipped with the values and skills necessary for success beyond the classroom. 

Parks in Centretown

Centretown features a diverse array of parks, each boasting its own unique attractions and amenities. Some of these include Confederation Park, Pindigen Park, LeBreton Flats Park, Dalhousie Community Centre Park, Golden Triangle Park, and  Plouffe Park. For more detailed information about each park, such as amenities and activities offered, visit the City of Ottawa’s official website.

parks in Centretown
  • Minto Park – 102 Lewis St
  • St. Luke’s Park – 166 Frank St
  • Jack Purcell Park – 320 Jack Purcell Ln
  • Dundonald Park – 516 Somerset St W
  • McNabb Park – 435 Bronson Ave
  • Confederation Park – Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5J2
  • Swift Park – Upper Lorne Pl, Ottawa, ON K1R
  • Piazza Dante Park – 470 Booth St
  • Primrose Park – 179 Primrose Ave
  • Golden Triangle Park – 33 MacLaren St
  • Tech Wall Dog Park – 575 Laurier Ave W #551
  • Bronson Park – Queen St and Bronson Ave Park
  • First National Tree Day Memorial Park – Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1R6
  • Plouffe Park – 130 Preston St
  • Primrose Dog Park – 179 Primrose Ave
  • Dalhousie Community Centre Park – 131 Upper Lorne Pl
  • Chaudière Park – 68 Elm St
  • Pindigen Park – Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
  • LeBreton Flats Park – Kichi Zībī Mīkan, Ottawa, ON K1A 0M8
  • The Centretown Community Garden – 455 Lisgar St
  • Bayview Friendship Park – 1 Onigam St
  • Stirling-Carruthers Park – 195 Carruthers Ave
  • Somerset Square Park – 2 Spadina Ave
  • Armstrong Park – 69 Armstrong St
  • Hintonburg Park – 49 Fairmont Ave
  • McCormick Park – Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y8

Centretown in Ottawa is home to parks that offer a wonderful mix of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. These green spaces are ideal for various activities, from peaceful strolls and fun playground times to relaxing in serene natural settings. They cater to both individuals and families, providing play areas, sports fields, and peaceful spots for relaxation. These parks greatly enhance the quality of life in the community, offering residents a blend of leisure and outdoor enjoyment right in the heart of the city.

Public Transportation in Centretown

Centretown boasts superb connectivity, thanks to OC Transpo’s extensive LRT and bus network. Key O-Train light rail system stations like Bayview, Lyon, Parliament, Pimisi, and Rideau are strategically located in and around Centretown, making citywide access effortless. Adding to this are vital bus routes such as the 6, 7, 11, and 14, weaving through Centretown, further enhancing its transit network. This seamless integration of LRT and bus services ensures a smooth and convenient commuting experience for both residents and visitors, solidifying Centretown as a prime spot for easy and efficient urban travel in Ottawa.

For Centretown residents and visitors, the OC Transpo maps page is an indispensable resource for planning trips, offering detailed route maps and schedules. It also serves as a reliable source for staying up-to-date with the latest transit news and updates in the Centretown area.

Community and Entertainment in Centretown

The Centretown Community Association (CCA) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in Centretown, Ottawa. It is dedicated to building and sustaining the community’s vibrancy and unique character. The CCA actively organizes and supports various events, such as the Elgin Street Farmer’s Market, offering fresh local food and crafts, and a chance for community members to connect. Additionally, the CCA collaborates on initiatives like the Welcome Wagon for the John Howard Society’s new Supportive Housing Program for Women, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and support for all residents. Another significant event hosted by the CCA is the Fall Festival in Dundonald Park, which features a range of family-friendly activities and represents various community organizations​.

In the heart of Ottawa’s Centretown, three key recreation centres stand as pillars of the community, each offering a unique blend of activities and facilities. The Jack Purcell Recreation Centre, a cornerstone for all ages, buzzes with energy, offering everything from after-school programs and youth nights to adult-oriented activities like badminton, dodgeball, and yoga, not to mention its inviting swimming pool. 

Meanwhile, the historic Plant Recreation Centre, revitalized and reopened in 2004, serves as a haven for fitness enthusiasts with its weight and cardio rooms and group fitness classes. 

The McNabb Community Centre completes this trio with its multipurpose appeal, boasting an arena, gymnasium, and creative spaces like a dance and pottery studio. Adjacent to McNabb Park, it’s a year-round hotspot for outdoor and indoor activities, including skating and hockey. Together, these centres weave a vibrant tapestry of sports, fitness, and cultural engagement, making Centretown a lively and diverse community hub.

Centretown is a hub of family-friendly activities, especially renowned for its diverse and engaging museums and galleries. At the Bank of Canada Museum, children can immerse themselves in a playful and interactive exhibition that teaches the basics of money and personal finance, available until Fall 2024. The Royal Canadian Mint provides a unique glimpse into the minting process through interactive guided tours, complete with a boutique for special souvenirs.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is another attraction, offering a spectrum of activities such as Citizen Science, a variety of colouring pages, interactive games, culinary adventures with edible weeds and ice-age plant recipes, birdwatching bingo, and augmented reality apps featuring virtual ice-age animals. 

The Canadian War Museum stands out with its rich military history exhibitions like “War Games,” “Canada, Korea and the War,” and “The Canadian Forces Artists Program – Group 9.” Permanent exhibits such as “Memorial Hall” and galleries showcasing Canada’s involvement in various wars provide a deep dive into the nation’s past.

For art enthusiasts, the Ottawa Art Gallery caters to all age groups with a plethora of activities and public programs, while nearby, the National Gallery of Canada displays a myriad of art and culture through exhibitions like “The Black Canadians (after Cooke),” “Riopelle: Crossroads in Time,” and “Nick Sikkuark: Humour and Horror.” The gallery also features the 2023 Sobey Art Award Exhibition and “Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848,” along with Indigenous and Canadian Art Galleries that house nearly 800 pieces of art dating back 5,000 years. These institutions offer more than just educational and cultural insights; they provide interactive and memorable experiences for families and visitors, making Centretown a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to explore Canada’s rich history and artistic heritage.

Nestled close to Centretown, ByWard Market is a vibrant and bustling hub, just a brief walk, commute, or drive away. This iconic destination in Ottawa is renowned for its dynamic mix of outdoor stalls, unique shops, and diverse culinary delights. As a hotspot for tourists and locals alike, ByWard Market offers an array of artisan crafts, fresh local produce, and a lively atmosphere that embodies Ottawa’s urban spirit. It’s the perfect complement to a day spent exploring the heart of the city.

Centretown Real Estate

Types of Homes for Sale in Centretown

Centretown, the bustling heart of Ottawa, is a prime destination for those seeking a diverse array of homes for sale. From elegant Victorian-style residences steeped in history to modern condos and apartments ideal for contemporary urban living, Centretown caters to a wide spectrum of buyers. This vibrant neighbourhood is also home to cozy row houses and spacious semi-detached homes, marrying classic charm with modern amenities. Renowned for its eclectic blend of architecture, Centretown offers properties featuring up-to-date interiors, energy-efficient solutions, and cutting-edge smart-home technology. This lively urban centre is not just about homes; it’s about a lifestyle. Residents enjoy proximity to essential amenities, easy access to public transit, and a community rich in cultural diversity and green spaces. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a busy professional, or a family, Centretown’s real estate market offers something for every taste and need.

Age of Homes in Centretown

Centretown, a vibrant neighbourhood in the heart of Ottawa, boasts a diverse array of homes, each telling a story of the area’s rich history and continuous evolution. This architectural diversity is reflected in the age of its buildings: 31.3% of the homes in Centretown were built in the 1950s or earlier, echoing a time of traditional craftsmanship and classic designs. These older residences, many of which display Victorian and Edwardian styles, add a historical charm to the neighbourhood. In contrast, 32.5% of the homes were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, a period that introduced a more modern architectural style to Centretown, blending the old with the new. The 1980s and 1990s saw the addition of 19.9% of the homes, further diversifying the neighbourhood’s landscape with contemporary designs and updated amenities. More recent developments, accounting for 16.4% of homes, were built in the 2000s, showcasing the latest in modern architecture, energy efficiency, and smart-home technology. This mix of eras in Centretown’s housing market presents a unique urban landscape, attracting a wide range of residents. From those who appreciate the character and stories of older homes to those seeking modern comfort and functionality, Centretown offers something for everyone. This blend of the old and the new not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area but also signifies a neighbourhood that continuously adapts and grows, making Centretown a dynamic and desirable place to live in Ottawa.

Demographics in Centretown

Centretown in Ottawa is a lively and diverse area with lots of young people. With an average age of just 34.4, it’s popular with university students and young workers. The 2021 Canadian Census shows there are 25,687 people living here. Most people in Centretown (over 55%) speak English, but there’s a lot of cultural diversity too. Many people can speak more than one language, which makes the community really interesting. Although about 78% of residents are Caucasian, you’ll find a mix of different backgrounds here. This mix is what makes Centretown special. It’s known for exciting cultural events, great international food, and activities that bring everyone together. The mix of young people, different languages, and cultures makes Centretown a fun, welcoming place. It’s full of life, with busy streets and a community that celebrates different cultures. All these things make Centretown a top choice for living in Ottawa.

Historical Average Sold Prices in Centretown

Centretown, a prime neighbourhood in Ottawa, has shown an intriguing trend in its real estate market, with the historical average sold prices of homes painting a picture of its evolving appeal. Starting in 2018, the average sold price in Centretown was $613,250, indicating a robust market for this centrally located urban area. The following year, 2019, saw this average increase to $694,500, reflecting the growing demand for properties in this lively neighbourhood. This upward trend continued through 2020, with the average price slightly rising to $730,000, and then more noticeably in 2021, reaching $735,000. These numbers signify Centretown’s rising popularity, driven by its mix of historical charm, modern amenities, and vibrant community life. The peak came in 2022, with the average price reaching a high of $752,500, showcasing the peak demand for homes in this sought-after area. However, in 2023, there was a slight adjustment, with the average price settling at $687,000. This change could be attributed to various market factors, including economic shifts or a natural market correction after a period of rapid growth. These historical price trends in Centretown underscore the neighbourhood’s status as a desirable destination in Ottawa’s real estate market. Known for its diverse community, excellent location, and blend of old and new homes, Centretown continues to attract a wide range of buyers, despite the recent dip in average prices. It remains a top choice for those seeking a vibrant, urban lifestyle in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Historical Average Sold Prices in Centretown

Top-Rated Restaurants in Centretown

Discover the foodie’s paradise in Centretown! It’s a neighbourhood where you can taste the world. Love spicy and flavorful Caribbean dishes? Or maybe rich and exotic Burmese meals? How about hearty Filipino food or classic Italian pasta? Centretown has it all! It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves trying different cuisines. With top-notch restaurants serving up dishes from the Caribbean, Burma, the Philippines, and Italy, there’s always something new and delicious to try. Join us on a tasty trip through Centretown and enjoy the best in global flavors right here in the city!

Rangoon Restaurant, with its stellar 4.5-star rating, stands out as a culinary gem in the heart of the city. This charming eatery is celebrated for its authentic flavors and exceptional service, offering a delightful array of dishes that transport diners straight to the heart of its namesake city. The ambiance is warm and inviting, perfect for both intimate dinners and group gatherings. Rangoon’s commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every dish, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking a unique and satisfying dining experience.

Riviera, boasting a remarkable 4.6-star rating, is a true culinary jewel in the city. This elegant dining destination offers an exquisite blend of contemporary cuisine with a touch of classic flair. Its sophisticated ambiance, complemented by top-notch service, makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a fine dining experience. Riviera’s menu, crafted with the freshest ingredients, presents a range of dishes that are both innovative and comforting. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual upscale meal, Riviera promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure, earning its high praise and loyal following.

Tamis Cafe & Restaurant, earning a fantastic 4.6-star rating, is a vibrant and welcoming spot in the city known for its delightful fusion of flavors. This cozy cafe and restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with a menu that blends traditional and modern tastes. Known for its friendly atmosphere and exceptional customer service, Tamis is the perfect place for both casual meals and special gatherings. The dishes are creatively prepared and beautifully presented, showcasing the care and passion behind each recipe. Tamis Cafe & Restaurant is a must-visit for those looking to enjoy a memorable meal in a relaxed and charming setting.

Aroma Meze, with an impressive 4.6-star rating, is a standout destination for food lovers. This restaurant is renowned for its exquisite small plates and meze-style dining, offering a journey through a world of flavors. Each dish is a masterpiece of taste, skillfully blending traditional recipes with a modern twist. The ambiance at Aroma Meze is both chic and intimate, making it perfect for a romantic evening or a gathering of friends and family. The attentive staff and the vibrant atmosphere add to the overall experience, ensuring every visit is special. Aroma Meze is the go-to spot for those who appreciate a culinary adventure and a lively dining environment.

North & Navy, boasting an impressive 4.7-star rating, stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. This restaurant is celebrated for its exceptional take on Northern Italian cuisine, infused with local flair. The elegant and sophisticated decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for both special occasions and casual fine dining. The menu, crafted with the finest ingredients, features a range of dishes that are both innovative and deeply rooted in traditional Italian cooking. North & Navy’s commitment to quality is evident in every bite, complemented by impeccable service. This is a must-visit destination for those who cherish an upscale dining experience and the rich, authentic flavors of Italy.

Fauna, with its commendable 4.4-star rating, is a gem in the city’s dining scene. Known for its contemporary and creative cuisine, Fauna offers a menu that is both innovative and deeply satisfying. The restaurant’s modern and stylish ambiance provides a relaxed yet upscale dining experience, perfect for food enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Each dish is a work of art, showcasing the chefs’ dedication to flavor and presentation. Fauna stands out for its use of fresh, local ingredients, bringing a unique and delicious twist to every meal. The attentive service and welcoming atmosphere make Fauna an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable dining experience with a modern flair.

Town, boasting a remarkable 4.6-star rating, is a celebrated culinary hotspot in the city. This restaurant is renowned for its modern approach to classic dishes, offering a menu that is both innovative and comforting. The setting at Town is chic and contemporary, providing a welcoming environment for any dining occasion. Guests are treated to a delightful culinary journey, with each dish artfully prepared using the finest ingredients. The attentive and friendly service at Town adds to the overall enjoyable dining experience. It’s the perfect spot for food lovers seeking a blend of creative cuisine, stylish ambiance, and exceptional service.

The Greek Souvlaki Shack, with an outstanding 4.8-star rating, is a highlight in the city’s dining landscape, beloved for its authentic Greek cuisine. This vibrant eatery transports diners to the Mediterranean with its traditional souvlaki and an array of classic Greek dishes. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, reflecting the warm hospitality Greece is known for. Each dish is prepared with care, using fresh, quality ingredients, ensuring a flavorful and genuine taste experience. From delicious gyros to perfectly grilled souvlaki and fresh salads, The Greek Souvlaki Shack is a must-visit for anyone craving a taste of Greece in a friendly and festive setting.

La Fiesta Latina, boasting a fantastic 4.5-star rating, is a vibrant spot in the city, celebrated for its lively Latin American flavors. This restaurant is a hub for those seeking authentic and delicious dishes from various Latin cultures. The ambiance is colorful and energetic, perfectly capturing the spirit of a Latin fiesta. Guests are treated to a wide array of choices, from savory tacos and enchiladas to rich and hearty mains, all bursting with traditional spices and flavors. La Fiesta Latina is not just about great food but also about the experience, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes every visit feel like a celebration. It’s an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy a festive dining experience with fantastic Latin cuisine.

Island Grill, with a superb 4.5-star rating, stands out as a culinary oasis in the city, offering a delightful taste of island-inspired cuisine. This restaurant is a favourite for those seeking a tropical dining escape, featuring a menu rich with flavors from various island cultures. The ambiance at Island Grill is relaxed and inviting, with decor that transports diners to a seaside retreat. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, from fresh seafood to flavorful grills, all prepared with a unique island twist. The friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere make Island Grill the perfect spot for a casual yet memorable dining experience, where every meal is a mini vacation to the tropics.

Looking for Home in Centretown?

As you explore Centretown, it becomes clear that this Ottawa neighbourhood is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. Perfect for families, professionals, and everyone in between, Centretown is known for its diverse food scene and plentiful leisure activities. It’s an appealing choice for those looking for a balance of community vibe and modern living. Thinking of calling Centretown your home? Consider scheduling a real estate consultation with us. Our comprehensive Ottawa home-buying guide is packed with helpful tips, and our latest property listings highlight the best condos and houses in this desirable area. Ready to begin your Centretown adventure? Contact us today to discover your ideal home in a neighbourhood where community warmth and urban convenience come together.