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Nestled in the eastern part of Ottawa, Orleans stands as a vibrant and thriving community, offering a harmonious blend of suburban tranquillity and urban convenience. With a rich history that traces back to its inception, Orleans has grown exponentially, especially since the 1950s when it began to evolve into the bustling area it is today. This growth was significantly marked by the establishment of major residential subdivisions, painting Orleans as a perfect locale for families, professionals, and anyone looking for a blend of lifestyle and culture. Its residents enjoy a wide array of amenities, from sprawling parks and recreational facilities to shopping centres and a variety of dining options. The community's commitment to cultural events, local arts, and a strong sense of community spirit enriches the living experience, making Orleans not just a place to live, but a place to thrive. With its convenient access to public transportation and major highways, Orleans connects its residents to the heart of Ottawa while preserving its unique suburban charm, making it an ideal place for creating lasting memories and building a vibrant life.


About Orleans

Orleans, a picturesque suburb nestled to the east of Ottawa, is a vibrant collection of diverse neighbourhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. This eastern suburb is a perfect haven for families, professionals, and anyone seeking a blend of suburban peace and urban convenience. Avalon, with its serene setting south of Innes Road, epitomizes modern suburban living, while Bilberry Creek and Cardinal Creek are lush, community-focused areas offering scenic beauty and a strong sense of belonging. Chapel Hill North and South stand out for their peaceful streets and family-friendly environments, located respectively north and south of Innes Road. Chaperal and Chateauneuf are perfect examples of Orleans’ commitment to combining modern amenities with the beauty of nature, providing residents with a comfortable and picturesque lifestyle. Chatelaine Village and Convent Glen, positioned along the Ottawa River, boast stunning waterfront views that highlight the appeal of Orleans’ outdoor lifestyle. The future development in Eastridge, alongside the established appeal of Fallingbrook, Hiawatha Park, and Notting Gate, showcases Orleans’ dedication to growth and community engagement. Orleans Village, the historic core, maintains its quaint charm while embracing modern conveniences, and Orleans Wood offers tranquillity near the river’s edge. Queenswood Heights and Village are known for their welcoming communities and vibrant local culture. Newer areas like River Walk represent the ongoing evolution of Orleans, blending its historic roots with contemporary living. Orleans is a testament to harmonious living, where history and progress come together, making it an ideal destination for those looking to thrive in a lively, suburban setting.

Orleans boasts a rich history that reflects its growth from a small village to a thriving community. Established in the early 1800s as part of Cumberland Township, Orleans was named after King Louis-Philippe d’Orléans, a nod to the area’s strong Franco-Ontarian roots. This historical connection is evident in the community’s vibrant French-speaking population and cultural festivals that celebrate its heritage. Throughout the 20th century, Orleans transformed from a rural landscape into a suburban hub, marked by significant residential and commercial development. The completion of the Queensway extension in the 1970s made Orleans more accessible to Ottawa’s downtown core, catalyzing its growth. The community’s strategic location along the Ottawa River has not only offered picturesque views but also encouraged outdoor recreational activities, further enriching residents’ quality of life. Today, Orleans is celebrated for its blend of historical charm and modern amenities, including parks, schools, and shopping centres. The area’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, while embracing growth and diversity, makes Orleans a unique and inviting place to live, work, and visit. Its evolution from a quaint village to a bustling suburb reflects the broader narrative of Ottawa’s expansion, making Orleans a key part of the city’s dynamic history.

Orleans Town Centre and Place d’Orléans stand as the heart of Orleans, providing a central hub for shopping, services, and community activities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. The Orleans Town Centre, located just minutes from the cultural Shenkman Arts Centre and the convenient Place d’Orléans Station, offers a variety of services and retail options. From dining establishments perfect for every occasion to specialized stores for personal care, eyewear, and dental services, it’s a destination where convenience meets quality. Place d’Orléans, a key shopping destination in the area, complements the Orleans Town Centre with its expansive selection of over 130 retailers. This shopping mall is a haven for those seeking a wide array of shopping options, from fashion and electronics to home goods and beauty products. With its inviting atmosphere, Place d’Orléans is more than just a mall; it’s a community space where families and friends can spend their day shopping, dining, and enjoying leisure activities. Together, Orleans Town Centre and Place d’Orléans form the cornerstone of community life in Orleans, enriching the suburban experience with their blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. These hubs not only fulfil the practical needs of the Orleans community but also enhance its social fabric, making Orleans a vibrant and attractive place to live, work, and play.

Houses for sale in Orleans present a wide array of choices for those looking to make this friendly eastern suburb their home. From spacious detached houses to inviting townhouses and sleek condos, the area meets a variety of living preferences and needs. Detached homes are often found with 4 to 6 bedrooms and 3 to 4 bathrooms, designed for families seeking space and comfort​​​​. Meanwhile, townhomes and row houses typically offer 2 to 3 bedrooms and 1.5 to 2.5 bathrooms, perfect for smaller families or those seeking a blend of cozy living and low maintenance​​. The architectural styles in Orleans vary, with homes featuring exteriors of brick, vinyl siding, or stone, and foundations predominantly constructed from sturdy poured concrete. Modern amenities within these homes include updated kitchens equipped with stainless steel appliances, elegant hardwood and laminate floors, and luxurious touches like heated bathroom floors and expansive finished basements for additional living space​​. Outdoor living spaces are a significant attraction, with many properties boasting private backyards, beautifully maintained gardens, and inground pools, offering an oasis for relaxation and entertainment​​. Orleans is not just about the homes but the lifestyle it offers, with its strong community vibe, excellent schools, and local charm, making it a top choice for homebuyers seeking a balance between urban conveniences and suburban tranquillity. 

The boundaries of Orleans are defined by a mix of roads, natural landmarks, and infrastructure, starting from Frontier Road and Devine Road, stretching to Boundary Road, Mitch Owens Road, and Ramsayville Road. It includes the stretch along Highway No. 417 to the abandoned Canadian Pacific Railway, moving towards the power transmission line near Cyrville Road, and then follows Innes Road to Blair Road. The boundary extends to Regional Road No. 174, Green’s Creek, and along the Ottawa River to the Ontario-Quebec boundary. It circles back via Ted Kelly Lane, Frank Kenny Road, Wall Road, Tenth Line Road, Carlsbad Lane, Russell Road, and back to Frontier Road, encapsulating Orleans in a detailed loop.

A significant benefit of residing in Orleans is its strategic location relative to downtown Ottawa. Travelling from Orleans to the city centre is efficiently managed, with the journey typically lasting about 20 to 25 minutes under regular traffic conditions. This accessibility allows residents to effortlessly partake in the diverse urban offerings of dining, entertainment, and shopping, while maintaining a residence in a quieter, community-oriented area. Orleans provides an ideal blend of peaceful suburban living with convenient access to the bustling activities and amenities of Ottawa’s downtown.

Orleans shines as a family-friendly suburb, boasting the beautiful Petrie Island and a wealth of amenities including 44 schools and over 10 churches. This blend of natural beauty, educational richness, and spiritual hubs, alongside recreational options, crafts a vibrant community life. Orleans offers a perfect balance of tranquil suburban living with easy access to urban conveniences, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a connected yet peaceful lifestyle.

Schools in Orleans

In Orleans, education takes centre stage with 44 schools serving the community’s wide-ranging needs. This comprehensive educational network spans from primary through secondary levels, ensuring families have excellent access to quality education right in their neighbourhood. Orleans integrates these educational institutions seamlessly into its community, offering a lifestyle that values educational accessibility. It’s a place where both young kids and teens are nurtured to thrive academically in a supportive and serene suburban backdrop.

schools in Orleans

Public Elementary Schools in Orleans

In Orleans, there are a total of 15 public elementary schools, comprising 11 English-language schools and 4 French-language schools. The community is served by a diverse array of educational institutions, ensuring that families have convenient access to both English and French language education. Additionally, Orleans is home to a private elementary school, offering an alternative educational option within the neighbourhood. This comprehensive mix of schools provides residents with a variety of choices for their children’s education, enhancing the appeal of Orleans as a family-friendly community with a supportive and accessible learning environment.

Avalon Public School is a vibrant educational institution that caters to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school offers both English and Early French Immersion programs, providing a rich bilingual educational experience for its students. Avalon Public School is committed to delivering a curriculum that not only focuses on academic excellence but also fosters a nurturing and inclusive environment for all students. With a dedicated team of educators, Avalon Public School aims to equip its students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future educational endeavours.

Convent Glen Elementary School provides education for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. The school offers both English and Middle French Immersion programs, starting the French Immersion from Grade 4. Known for its inclusive and nurturing environment, Convent Glen Elementary School focuses on fostering a strong academic foundation while promoting bilingualism.

  • Address: 1708 Prom. Grey Nuns Dr
  • Grade: JK to Grade 5
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Dunning-Foubert Elementary School offers education from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. This institution is dedicated to providing both English and Early French Immersion programs, accommodating a wide range of student needs and backgrounds. Committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive educational environment, Dunning-Foubert emphasizes the importance of both academic excellence and personal growth for all its students. By offering a diverse curriculum that includes bilingual education, the school aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future academic endeavours and personal development.

Fallingbrook Community Elementary School serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school offers both English and Early French Immersion programs, accommodating a diverse student population with a commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive educational environment. Fallingbrook Community Elementary School is dedicated to providing a comprehensive curriculum that supports the academic and social development of its students, preparing them for success in their future educational endeavours.

Forest Valley Elementary School educates students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. The school proudly offers both English and Early French Immersion programs. This institution is dedicated to creating a multicultural and respectful learning environment, where each student’s ethnic origins and religious beliefs are celebrated. 

  • Address: 1570 Forest Valley Dr
  • Grade: JK to Grade 5
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Henry Larsen Elementary School, situated in Ottawa, Ontario, offers a comprehensive education for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. This school provides a variety of programs including English, Early French Immersion, and Middle French Immersion. The school’s dedication to high-quality, diverse educational programs ensures that all students, regardless of their background, have access to the resources and support they need to succeed academically and personally.

Maple Ridge Elementary School is a vibrant educational institution offering comprehensive learning opportunities for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school prides itself on delivering quality education through both English and Early French Immersion programs. Designed around a unique pod concept with four wings to accommodate various grade levels, Maple Ridge Elementary School features a modern two-story building. This facility is complemented by an adjacent park, shared with the community, providing a scenic and enriching environment for students’ physical activities and outdoor learning experiences. 

Orleans Wood Elementary School offers a nurturing educational environment for young learners from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. This community jewel, with its close proximity to walking paths, a city park, and the Ottawa River, is dedicated to challenging and empowering all children to reach their full potential. The school provides both English and Early French Immersion programs, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience for its students. The focus on building a strong foundation in these early years of education highlights Orleans Wood Elementary School’s commitment to academic excellence and the holistic development of its students. 

  • Address: 7859 Décarie Dr
  • Grade: JK to Grade 3
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Summerside Public School opened its doors in September 2016. Catering to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, it offers a nurturing and dynamic educational environment. The school is particularly known for its Early French Immersion (EFI) program available from JK-8, alongside a dedicated English program for Grades 7 and 8. Summerside Public School is designed to foster close friendships, encourage exploration in arts and sports, and promote leadership skills and academic excellence. The emphasis on building strong relationships between students and staff, and among peers, underscores the school’s commitment to creating a safe, supportive, and conducive learning atmosphere. 

Terry Fox Public Elementary School is dedicated to providing education to students from Grades 4 to 8. This school offers both English and Early French Immersion programs, aiming to cultivate a bilingual learning environment. The school’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its wide range of academic and extracurricular programs designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills among its students. With a focus on community engagement and personal development, Terry Fox Public Elementary School strives to honour the legacy of its namesake by inspiring students to be determined, compassionate, and courageous individuals. 

  • Address: 6400 Jeanne D’Arc Blvd N
  • Grade: Grades 4 to 8
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Trillium Elementary School has been a vibrant part of the community since its opening in 1994. The school, named by the parents and students of its founding classes, is represented by Tonnerre or Thunder, the school’s dragon mascot, which sports the Trillium colours of teal, purple, and white. With a motto of “Be proud,” Trillium Elementary School provides an engaging and supportive learning environment for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school emphasizes a comprehensive educational experience, fostering academic excellence, creativity, and a sense of community among its students. 

École élémentaire Des Sentiers provides a vibrant and inclusive educational environment for young learners. Catering to students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through Grade 6, this public French-language elementary school focuses on fostering a strong foundation in both academic and social skills. The school is dedicated to creating a supportive community where every student finds their place and is encouraged to grow and succeed. The mural at the school’s entrance, painted by the students, symbolizes the diverse and collaborative spirit of École élémentaire Des Sentiers, reflecting its commitment to building a bright future for all its students​. 

École élémentaire publique Jeanne-Sauvé is a dynamic and welcoming French-language public elementary school. The school currently accommodates students from Kindergarten to Grade 6, offering a comprehensive educational program aimed at nurturing the growth of its students both academically and personally. Celebrating over 30 years of service, École élémentaire publique Jeanne-Sauvé continues to be a pivotal institution for French-language education, fostering a sense of belonging and achievement among its diverse student body. 

École élémentaire publique L’Odyssée offers a vibrant French-language learning environment for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school provides a rich educational experience that integrates the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). As the only elementary school in the IB world school in Orléans, L’Odyssée is committed to fostering intellectual curiosity, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness among its students. This unique educational approach aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who are motivated to succeed in a globalizing world​. 

École élémentaire publique Le Prélude provides a nurturing French-language educational environment for students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 6. Le Prélude emphasizes a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the Ontario curriculum to include cultural, artistic, and physical development. The school’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its high academic proficiency, making it a respected institution within the Ottawa public school system. The school’s focus on creating a supportive and enriching environment ensures that each student receives the attention and resources necessary to thrive academically and personally 

Public Secondary Schools in Orleans

Orleans’ educational landscape is enhanced by three public high schools, reflecting the community’s bilingual ethos. With two English-language public secondary schools and one French-language counterpart, Orleans provides comprehensive educational opportunities tailored to diverse linguistic preferences. These schools, located within the surrounding neighbourhoods, offer robust pathways for students to pursue their academic goals. By ensuring access to quality secondary education in both official languages, Orleans fosters a broad and inclusive learning environment. These institutions play a pivotal role in preparing students for future academic and career pursuits, underscoring the community’s dedication to empowering its youth through accessible and top-tier education.

Cairine Wilson Secondary School serves students from grades 9 through 12. The school offers a range of educational programs including English and French Immersion to cater to the diverse needs of its student body. Cairine Wilson is dedicated to providing a comprehensive secondary education that prepares students for their future academic and career paths. Established with a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, the school strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students​. 

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School is a vibrant educational institution serving students in grades 9 through 12. Offering both English and French Immersion programs, the school is committed to fostering a positive and safe learning environment. Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School prides itself on its diverse ethno-cultural student body, which enhances the school culture and community. The school’s motto, “We Strive for the Highest,” reflects its dedication to excellence, aiming to prepare students for post-secondary education in Canada and the USA and to contribute effectively to their communities​.

École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde is a vibrant French-language public high school that caters to students from grades 9 to 12. Since its establishment, the school has been committed to providing a dynamic learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and cultural awareness among its students. Gisèle-Lalonde offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of its student body, preparing them for success in their future educational and career endeavors​.

Catholic Elementary Schools in Orleans

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Elementary School is a nurturing educational environment for elementary students. While specific grades taught at the school were not explicitly detailed in the information available, Catholic elementary schools typically cater to students from Kindergarten through Grade 8. This school emphasizes a faith-based education, reflecting the values and teachings of the Catholic Church. The school community actively engages in celebrating its namesake, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, focusing on her life, faith, and devotion, which is integrated into the learning experience of students. Events and activities, such as studying St. Kateri’s life and her canonization process, highlight the school’s commitment to faith-based education and the importance of cultural and spiritual understanding.

Chapel Hill Catholic School stands as a beacon of faith-based education, catering to young learners from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 6. This elementary institution is known for its commitment to nurturing a safe, inclusive, and accepting learning environment. Chapel Hill Catholic School prides itself on its academic proficiency and its dedicated efforts to foster a holistic educational experience that emphasizes both academic excellence and spiritual growth. As a community, Chapel Hill Catholic School endeavours to instil in its students a deep-rooted sense of moral values, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong passion for learning, all underpinned by the Catholic faith.

Convent Glen Catholic School is a cherished institution serving students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6, the school offers a nurturing and inclusive educational environment that supports the growth and development of its students. Convent Glen Catholic School embraces a comprehensive curriculum that includes French immersion and full-day kindergarten programs, aiming to provide a well-rounded education that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and social development. The school’s principal leads a dedicated team of educators committed to delivering a rich, faith-based educational experience. 

Divine Infant Catholic School caters to children from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through Grade 6. It has been established as a nurturing educational institution where students are encouraged to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. Divine Infant Catholic School is committed to providing a faith-based education that emphasizes respect, responsibility, and the development of personal values alongside academic achievements. The school strives to maintain a close-knit community atmosphere where every student receives personalized attention and is encouraged to reach their full potential. The school’s focus on creating a supportive and inclusive environment makes it a cherished place for both students and parents in the Ottawa area.

Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School is a beacon of faith-based learning, this elementary institution warmly welcomes students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6, offering a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes not only academic excellence but also the spiritual and personal growth of its students. The school’s mission revolves around creating a nurturing environment that fosters respect, integrity, and the pursuit of knowledge, all grounded in Catholic values. With a dedicated staff and a vibrant community spirit, Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School is committed to nurturing young minds to become thoughtful, well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the future.

St. Clare Catholic School is dedicated to providing a nurturing educational environment for students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6. The school’s commitment to excellence in education is evident in its comprehensive curriculum and the emphasis on spiritual, academic, and personal growth. The school’s spiritual theme for 2021-2024 focuses on Gratitude rooted in Joy, fills us with Hope, highlighting the school’s dedication to fostering a community where spiritual growth is as valued as academic achievement.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School caters to students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 6. It provides a nurturing, faith-based educational environment, emphasizing spiritual growth alongside academic development. This school is committed to creating a community where students can learn and grow in accordance with Catholic values, preparing them for a seamless transition to higher education levels within the Catholic education system. 

St. Teresa Catholic School serves students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6, offering a nurturing and inclusive environment where academic excellence and spiritual growth are emphasized. The school is dedicated to providing a comprehensive Catholic education, fostering academic excellence, and spiritual growth in a nurturing environment. With a focus on community and inclusivity, St. Teresa Catholic School aims to equip students with the skills and values needed for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

Good Shepherd Catholic School accommodates students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 6, focusing on fostering both academic excellence and spiritual growth. The school is recognized for its commitment to a nurturing educational environment, supported by a dedicated faculty. It places a strong emphasis on community values and the holistic development of its students, preparing them for their future educational journeys.

St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School offers a comprehensive educational experience for students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 6. The school prides itself on creating a nurturing environment that supports both the academic achievements and spiritual development of its students. This school is part of a community that values educational excellence and the holistic development of each child, ensuring a balanced approach to learning.

  • Address: 2300 Esprit Dr
  • Grade: JK to Grade 6
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel is a vibrant French-language Catholic elementary school that provides a comprehensive education program that spans from early childhood education (Pre-K) through to elementary grades 1-6. The school’s mission is to offer a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that emphasizes academic excellence, faith development, and the growth of each student’s unique potential.

École élémentaire catholique de la Découverte is a distinguished French-language Catholic elementary school serving students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6. The school is committed to fostering a nurturing educational environment that is inclusive and focuses on the holistic development of students. École élémentaire catholique de la Découverte prides itself on providing a rich educational experience that blends academic excellence with a strong foundation in Catholic values and French language and culture.

École élémentaire catholique Alain-Fortin offers a comprehensive French-language Catholic education for students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6. This school is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. The school focuses on foundational education, emphasizing academic excellence, Catholic values, and the development of bilingual competencies among its students. Alain-Fortin is committed to fostering a supportive community for its students, parents, and staff, with a variety of programs and activities designed to engage and enrich the educational experience. This includes environmental initiatives, mental health and well-being support, and various extracurricular activities that complement the school’s academic offerings.

École élémentaire catholique des Pionniers is dedicated to providing a robust French-language Catholic education to students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. The school focuses on cultivating a supportive environment that encourages academic excellence, personal development, and the integration of Catholic values. With a variety of programs and services tailored to meet the needs of its diverse student body, des Pionniers emphasizes community involvement, mental well-being, and environmental stewardship, reflecting its commitment to developing well-rounded individuals.

École élémentaire catholique des Voyageurs caters to a vibrant student body from JK through Grade 6. This institution is dedicated to imparting a rich French-language Catholic education, underscored by a curriculum that not only prioritizes academic achievement but also the holistic development of its students. Emphasizing values such as respect, responsibility, and empathy, des Voyageurs aims to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. This environment is conducive to learning, encouraging students to excel academically while also fostering personal growth and a strong sense of community. The school actively involves parents and the wider community in its educational initiatives, ensuring a collaborative approach to education.

École élémentaire catholique l’Étoile-de-l’Est is dedicated to offering a comprehensive French-language Catholic education for young learners from kindergarten through grade 6. This school is focused on fostering not only academic excellence but also the personal and spiritual growth of its students, within a caring and inclusive environment. With a curriculum that integrates Catholic values, l’Étoile-de-l’Est aims to nurture well-rounded individuals prepared for future challenges. The school is committed to engaging with parents and the wider community to enhance the educational experience of its students.

École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-des-Champs is dedicated to offering a nurturing and comprehensive French-language Catholic education for students from JK through Grade 6. The school prides itself on fostering a strong academic foundation alongside the development of Catholic values, aiming to cultivate well-rounded individuals prepared for future academic endeavours and life challenges. The community at Notre-Dame-des-Champs is committed to creating an inclusive environment where students can thrive both personally and academically.

École élémentaire catholique Reine-des-Bois offers a comprehensive French-language Catholic education for students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6. The school is committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where academic excellence is pursued alongside spiritual and personal growth. Through a curriculum that integrates faith-based learning with innovative educational practices, Reine-des-Bois aims to develop well-rounded students prepared for the challenges of the future.

École élémentaire catholique Saint-Joseph d’Orléans is a distinguished educational establishment dedicated to fostering a rich and supportive learning environment for its students. This institution prides itself on delivering a comprehensive French-language education, beginning with early childhood education (Pre-K) and extending through to the end of elementary grade 6. The school emphasizes a holistic approach to education, blending academic excellence with personal growth within a nurturing Catholic framework, ensuring that each student receives a well-rounded experience during their formative years​

École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marie is an esteemed French-language Catholic educational institution that caters to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. It is nestled in the heart of a vibrant French-speaking community, emphasizing a curriculum that balances academic rigour with spiritual growth and personal development. The school is celebrated for its dedication to delivering a holistic education, with a staff that is both dynamic and deeply committed to the success and well-being of each student. At École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marie, the educational experience is designed to be inclusive and supportive, encouraging students to excel academically while also fostering a sense of community and social responsibility​.

École élémentaire catholique d’enseignement personnalisé La Source provides a unique educational setting from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through to Grade 6. This institution prides itself on implementing a personalized approach to education, drawing inspiration from Montessori principles that emphasize autonomy, responsibility, and a nurturing student-teacher relationship. The school’s philosophy is centred on respecting each child’s learning pace within a calm and welcoming atmosphere. It aims to prepare students for academic success, personal growth, active citizenship, and meaningful engagement in Catholicism and Francophonie.

Catholic Secondary Schools in Orleans

Residents of Orleans benefit from a selection of Catholic secondary schools, with three catering to French-speaking students and two to English-speaking students, totaling five institutions. These schools are esteemed for their commitment to cultivating a supportive and enriching educational environment. Dedicated to fostering academic excellence and personal growth, each school offers a comprehensive education that prioritizes both intellectual and moral development. As integral components of the educational landscape in Orleans, these institutions play a crucial role in nurturing the holistic development of the community’s youth. Through close collaboration with families, they ensure students are equipped to tackle future challenges, thereby enhancing the educational landscape of Orleans.

St. Matthew High School offers a comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12. This institution, known for its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment, provides a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of its student body. With a focus on excellence in education, St. Matthew High School aims to prepare students for success in their future academic and career endeavours.

St. Peter Catholic High School provides education for students in grades 7-12. The school offers a diverse academic program that includes religious and family life education courses across all grade levels, along with a comprehensive range of subjects. The school’s focus on creating a well-rounded educational experience is evident in its robust academic and extracurricular offerings, designed to support students’ growth and preparation for post-secondary education and beyond.

École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges is a French language high school that offers a comprehensive Catholic education to students from grades 7 through 12. The school is known for its high-quality education and a wide range of specialized programs, including a renowned Arts Academy among others. With a commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment, École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges is dedicated to the academic and personal development of over 1,600 students, making it one of the largest and most populated French high schools in Ontario.

École secondaire catholique Garneau is a distinguished institution offering a robust French-language Catholic education to students from grades 7 to 12. This esteemed school is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education, providing a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to excel academically, spiritually, and personally. With a diverse curriculum that encompasses a wide range of subjects, including the arts, sciences, technology, and humanities, École secondaire catholique Garneau prepares students for the complexities of the modern world while instilling in them the values of the Catholic faith.

  • Address: 6588 Carrière St
  • Grade: Grades 7 to 12
  • Fraser’s Ranking: N/A

Collège catholique Mer Bleue is a vibrant educational institution that offers a comprehensive French-language Catholic education for students in grades 7 to 12. This school has quickly become a cornerstone of the community since its opening in 2016, recognized for its dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The Ontario government’s investment of $12.1 million to create additional student spaces underscores the school’s commitment to providing high-quality facilities and reducing the need for outdoor portable classrooms. With a focus on both academic excellence and personal growth, Collège catholique Mer Bleue prepares students for future success while embracing the values of the Catholic faith​.

Parks in Orleans

Orleans is a vibrant community boasting over 100 parks, each with its unique attractions and amenities, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. Standout spots include the expansive Cumberland Millennium Sports Park, the bustling Ray Friel Park, the picturesque Petrie Island Park, the welcoming Fallingbrook Park, and the sports-lovers’ paradise, Hornets Nest Soccer Park. These parks are more than just green spaces; they’re hubs of activity and natural beauty, offering everything from peaceful walks to energetic sports. For anyone looking to explore the specifics of what each park has to offer, including available amenities and activities, the City of Ottawa’s official website is the perfect place to start. It’s your gateway to discovering the rich outdoor experiences that Orleans has to offer, where every visit promises new discoveries and adventures.

parks in Orleans
  • Petrie Island Park – 727 Tweddle Rd
  • Champagne Park – 1861 Markwell Crescent
  • Glandriel Park – 2122 Valin St
  • Vista Park – 720 Vistapark Dr
  • Barrington Park – 1705 Orléans Blvd
  • Fallingbrook Park – 681 Deancourt Crescent
  • Kinsella Park – 1600 Prestwick Dr
  • Gardenway Park – 2001 Gardenway Dr
  • Barnabe Park – 1797 Épinettes Ave
  • Cardinal Farm Park – 1921 Wildflower Dr
  • Marcel Bériault Park – 1682 Sunview Dr
  • Ray Friel Park – 1585 Tenth Line Rd
  • Joe Jamieson Park – Orléans, ON K1C 5L4
  • Big Bird Park – 936 Lawnsberry Dr
  • Roy G Hobbes Community Centre Park – 805 Champlain St
  • François Dupont Park – Chatelaine Village, Ottawa, ON K1E 1C8
  • Troyes Park – 7942 Décarie Dr
  • Décarie Park – 7883 Décarie Dr
  • Quarry Ridge Park – 186 Copperwood St
  • Boisdale Park – 210 Emerillon Ridge
  • Parkland – 650 Lakeridge Dr
  • Parkland – 760 Lakeridge Dr
  • Lakeridge Park – Orléans, ON K4A 0L2
  • Henri-Rocque Park – 229 Hepatica Way
  • Sweetvalley Park – 180 Sweetvalley Dr
  • Summerside West Pond – 399 Hepatica Way
  • Don Boudria Park – 655 Promenade Décoeur Dr
  • Georges Dassylva Park – 670 Monardia Wy
  • Eden Park – 876 Couloir Rd
  • Patrick Dugas Park – 550 Compass St
  • Tulip Tree Park – 520 Tulip Tree Wy
  • Goldfinch Park – 280 Joshua St
  • Parkland – Renaud Rd/Radhika Ct
  • Fountainhead Park – Felicity Cres/Fountainhead Dr
  • Ruisseau Park – 6116 Creek Crossing St
  • Blue Willow Park – 6011 Longleaf Dr
  • Silverbirch Park – 6105 Silverbirch St
  • Gerald Poulin Park – Du Clairvaux Rd, Orleans, ON
  • Longleaf Park – Montclair Ave, Orleans, ON
  • Isaie Savage Park – Saphir Ave/Diamond Way
  • Lavallee Plaza Park – Francois St, Orleans, ON
  • Tauvette Park – 2436 Innes Rd
  • Michael Budd Park – Orient Park Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Gloucester Allotment Garden – 464 Autumn Hill Crescent
  • Orient Park – Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, ON
  • Bearbrook Park – 99 Bearbrook Rd
  • Agnes Purdy Park – 9 Southpark Dr
  • South Park – South Park Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Woodhill Park – Woodhill Cres, Orleans, ON
  • Centre Park – Centrepark Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Bush Park – Bearbrook Rd, Orleans, ON
  • Hornets Nest Soccer Park – 1662 Bearbrook Rd
  • Chapel Hill Park – 1556 Forest Valley Dr
  • Heritage Park – Oak Meadows Dr/Orleans Blvd
  • Louis Perrault Park – Beauséjour Dr, Orléans, ON K1C
  • Forest Glen Park – Ottawa, ON K1C 5P3
  • Forest Valley Forest – Chapel Hill, Ottawa, ON K1C 7N4
  • Racette Park – 1410 Henri Lauzon St
  • Friar Gate Park – 6368 Friar Gate
  • Parc Garneau – 1562 Champneuf Dr
  • Laurier Carrière Park – 6601 Carrière St
  • Glen Park – 1770 Prom. Grey Nuns Dr
  • Grey Nuns Park – Prom. Grey Nuns Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Father Richard Ward Park – 1073 Parc De Chablis
  • Mary Scott Park – Vineyard Dr, Orléans, ON K1C
  • Jeanne D’Arc Park – Jeanne-d’Arc Blvd, Orleans, ON
  • Terry Fox Park – Ste-Theresse Ln, Orleans, ON
  • North Vineyard Park – Orleans, ON
  • Voyageur Park – 6137 Voyageur Dr
  • Hiawatha Park – 6218 Voyageur Dr
  • Luc Major Park – Bilberry Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Beauclaire Park – Beauclaire Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Decaire Parktroyes Park – Orleans, ON
  • Robert Park – Orleans, ON
  • Marsha Park – Lawnsberry Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Royal 22e Régiment Park – 315 Centrum Blvd
  • Queenswood Ridge Park – 346 Kennedy Ln E
  • Queenswood Heights Centennial Park – 1485 Duford Dr
  • Mayfair Park – 361 Roxdale Ave
  • Duford E. Centennial Park – Tompkins Ave, Orleans, ON
  • Apollo Crater Park – 600 Apollo Way
  • Yves Richer Park – 1784 Summerlands Crescent
  • Sandpiper Cove Park – 8509 Jeanne D’Arc Blvd N
  • Orleans Community Garden – 3350 St Joseph Blvd
  • Princess Louise Park – Princess Louise Dr/York Mills Dr
  • Parkland – Old Tenth Line Rd, Orleans, ON
  • Princess Louise Falls – St Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1C 1T1
  • Rossignol Park – 8426 Jeanne-d’Arc Blvd
  • Watters Park – Charlemagne Blvd, Orleans, ON
  • Varennes Park – Varennes Blvd, Orleans, ON
  • Linda Dunn Park – 1885 Celeste Way
  • Des Pionniers Park – Carrigan Dr/Wilkie Dr
  • Marcel Lalande Park – Northlands Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Caserta Park – Caserta Pl, Orleans, ON
  • Talcy Park – Talcy Cres, Orleans, ON
  • Royal Ridge Park – Trim Rd, Orleans, ON
  • Millstone Park – 420 Famille-Laporte Ave
  • Cardinal Creek Community Park – 1825 Trim Rd
  • Coyote Trail Park – 1829 Trim Rd
  • Cassia Circle Park – Cassia Circle, Orleans, ON
  • Pine Vista Park – Pine Vista Dr/Siesta Ct
  • Montmere Park – Brian Coburn Blvd/Montmere Ave
  • Provence Park – 2095 Provence Ave
  • Lalande Conservation Park – 2145 Nantes St
  • Rancourt Park – 858 Scala Ave
  • Scala Park – Scala Ave/Ballance Dr
  • Mariah Park – Rexton St/St Bruno St
  • Avebury Park – Evangeline St/Avebury Dr
  • Pelican Park – Pelican St/Repentigny Dr
  • Aquaview Park – Aquaview Dr/Brian Coburn Blvd
  • Ouellette Park – Strasbourg St/Gerry Lalonde Dr
  • Roy Park – Promenade Meadowglen Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Saint Francois Park – Simard Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Cathedral Park – Viseneau Dr, Orleans, ON
  • Winsome Park – 2095 Winsome Terrace
  • Frenette Park – 1658 Frenette St
  • Cumberland Millennium Sports Park – 100 Millennium Blvd
  • Joseph Vezina Park – Soleil Ave, Orleans, ON
  • Norman Edwards Park – Portobello Blvd, Orleans, ON
  • Parkland – 2312 Esprit Dr
  • Portobello Park – Aquaview Dr/Portobello Blvd
  • Allegro Park – Sparkman Ave, Orleans, ON
  • Bilberry Park – 6525 Bilberry Dr
  • Mystery Park – 985 Orléans Blvd
  • Mer Bleue Bog – Ridge Rd, Ottawa, ON K0A 2Y0
  • NCC Greenbelt Pathway – 4980 Ridge Rd
  • Dewberry Trail – Dolman Ridge Rd, Orléans, ON K1C 7G4
  • Ravine Park – 1424 Duford Dr
  • Orleans Hydro Corridor Trail – 124 Livorno Ct
  • Cardinal Creek Karst Path – 1056 Watters Rd
  • Coyote Trail Dog Park – 1829 Trim Rd
  • Trail to Princess Louise Waterfalls – 625 Brookridge Crescent
  • Quarry Ridge Trail – 6791 Bilberry Dr
  • Julian de Guzman Park – 3928 Farmers Way Unit 100
  • Green’s Creek Sliding Hill – Bearbrook Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 1B8
  • Prescott-Russell Trail – Prescott-Russell Trail Link, Orléans, ON K1C 7G4

Orleans is home to an abundance of green spaces and welcoming parks, creating a serene oasis for both residents and visitors who love to immerse themselves in the great outdoors and enjoy a calm atmosphere. The community’s meticulously maintained parks boast scenic walking paths, vibrant play areas, and tranquil spots perfect for unwinding. It’s an ideal locale for families, outdoor aficionados, and those who appreciate nature’s beauty, blending picturesque landscapes with ample recreational opportunities. These lush areas significantly contribute to Orleans’ charm, offering myriad options for leisure, fitness, and enjoyment under the open sky, thus enriching the quality of life for its inhabitants.

Public Transportation in Orleans

Living in Orleans presents some challenges for those relying solely on public transportation. Despite the availability of several bus routes, residents often find that having a car is more practical for efficient and flexible travel. The area is served by OC Transpo, which provides bus service connecting Orleans to other parts of Ottawa, including downtown. However, the connectivity and frequency of these services may not always meet the needs of all residents, particularly those with tight schedules or those seeking direct routes to less central locations. The bus routes that serve the Orleans community are extensive and include the following numbers: 131, 138, 139, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, and 39. These routes offer various levels of service, from local connections within Orleans to more direct routes towards central Ottawa. 

Driving from Orleans to downtown Ottawa typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes under good traffic conditions. In contrast, using public transportation can significantly increase travel time. A commute by bus can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the time of day, specific route taken, and connection times. This difference underscores the convenience of having a car for residents of Orleans, offering faster and more direct access to downtown Ottawa and other areas.

While the O-Train light rail line does not currently serve Orleans, it is an essential part of Ottawa’s wider transit system. It offers seamless transfers with bus routes, facilitating access to the city’s broader network. Looking ahead, the Stage 2 LRT expansion is poised to bring significant improvements. The Confederation Line’s extension eastward plans to reach Place d’Orleans and Trim Road by early 2025. This expansion is expected to enhance connectivity and transit efficiency for Orleans residents, providing a faster and more reliable link to downtown Ottawa and other key destinations. The forthcoming LRT extension to Orleans is highly anticipated as it promises to transform the public transportation landscape in the area. By providing a rapid transit option, the LRT aims to reduce travel times, increase the frequency of service, and offer a more comfortable and sustainable alternative to driving. Residents are hopeful that these changes will make public transportation a more viable and attractive option for daily commutes, leisure travel, and everything in between.

For individuals navigating the Orleans neighbourhood and seeking detailed transit routes and schedules, the OC Transpo maps page is a valuable tool. This online resource is designed to assist with trip planning and ensures users are informed of the most current transit updates and modifications. It’s an indispensable guide for efficient travel planning and staying informed on the latest changes in public transportation within the Orleans area.

Community and Entertainment in Orleans

Orleans is celebrated for its dynamic and engaged neighbourhoods, each powered by its own community association. These associations are the lifeblood of Orleans, playing a crucial role in knitting the community closely together. They are at the forefront of fostering a vibrant community spirit, organizing local events, enhancing neighbourhood safety, and advocating for residents’ interests. This localized approach ensures that every corner of Orleans is buzzing with activity and camaraderie, making it a truly special place to call home. A standout example of this collective spirit is the Fallingbrook Community Association. It exemplifies the dedication and impact these groups have on their communities, orchestrating events such as Canada Day festivities, community-wide garage sales, and safety programs like Neighbourhood Watch. These efforts not only enrich the social fabric of Fallingbrook but also serve as a beacon of community engagement that  resonates across Orleans. Community associations across Orleans are instrumental in advocating for improvements and services that benefit their neighbourhoods, from maintaining parks and recreational facilities to organizing social gatherings that bring residents together. They embody the essence of community-driven development, ensuring that each neighbourhood retains its unique identity while contributing to the overarching sense of belonging and community pride that defines Orleans. In Orleans, the synergy between these associations fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose, making it a community where engagement, volunteerism, and local governance flourish. It’s a testament to how grassroots initiatives can significantly enhance the quality of life, making Orleans not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Orleans is a hotspot for recreational activities, boasting an impressive array of recreation centres and complexes that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups. This area is a treasure trove for anyone looking to engage in physical fitness, leisure activities, or community events, underscoring its commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its residents. Among the standout facilities is the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, renowned for its diverse group fitness schedule that includes everything from Pilates and Zumba to indoor cycling and yoga. This complex doesn’t just stop at fitness; it also offers racquet sports, making it a versatile option for those looking to diversify their exercise routine​​. Not to be overlooked, the François Dupuis Recreation Centre is another gem within the community, featuring both therapeutic and leisure pools. Its aquatics program is complemented by a fully equipped weight and cardio room and a variety of group fitness classes such as Drums Alive®, HIIT, Pilates, and Zumba. For racquet sport enthusiasts, the centre provides badminton and pickleball, adding to its appeal as a comprehensive fitness hub​​. The South Fallingbrook Community Centre further enriches Orleans’ recreational landscape. It offers a broad spectrum of programs across fitness, sports, dance, and more, suitable for all ages. With facilities including a gymnasium, a year-round boarded rink, tennis courts, and soccer fields, it is designed to meet the community’s needs for physical activity and social engagement. The centre’s programming, which ranges from badminton and pickleball to youth basketball and kindergym, ensures there’s something for every member of the community​​. These centres are just a few examples of the wealth of recreational resources available in Orleans. Each one plays a vital role in fostering a sense of community and well-being, offering spaces where residents can come together to exercise, learn, and play. With so many options, Orleans stands out as a community that truly values and supports an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Orleans is proud to host The Miracle League of Ottawa Baseball Field, a unique gem in Ottawa’s landscape, offering a fully accessible and inclusive outdoor recreational space. This field is dedicated to providing a barrier-free environment for children and young adults to engage in baseball, alongside activities like wheelchair softball and beep kickball, catering to a wide range of abilities, including those with visual impairments. Its presence in Orleans highlights the community’s commitment to inclusivity and the belief that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy of sports.

Orleans is home to the enchanting Petrie Island, a natural oasis located on the Ottawa River. This island paradise, formed by sand deposits at the close of the last ice age approximately 12,000 years ago, spans an area of 2 km by 500 m, boasting a total shoreline length, including all channels and bays, of about 12 km. Petrie Island is celebrated for its stunning beaches, lush trails, and rich biodiversity, making it a premier destination for nature lovers, families, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its two large public beaches, North Beach or River Beach and the East Bay Beach, Petrie Island offers residents and visitors a perfect setting for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing while enjoying the serene views of the Ottawa River. The island’s extensive network of nature trails invites exploration and adventure, providing a peaceful escape into the natural world. In addition to its recreational offerings, Petrie Island is an important habitat for a diverse array of flora and fauna, emphasizing the area’s ecological significance. As a jewel in Orleans’ crown, Petrie Island serves as a testament to the community’s dedication to preserving natural spaces and promoting outdoor activities. 

Diving into the heart of Orléans’ cultural landscape, the Shenkman Arts Centre emerges as a vibrant hub for art enthusiasts and families seeking to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and inspiration. This bustling centre is a crossroads of artistic exploration, where live performances, instructional classes, exhibits, and special events converge to stir the imagination of all who walk through its doors. Offering programs in both English and French, it serves a diverse community, making it a standout destination for those eager to experience the richness of the arts in a welcoming and dynamic environment. The Shenkman Arts Centre is home to two theatres, seven galleries, and 17 studios, each a hive of activity and opportunity for hands-on engagement with the visual, performing, literary, and media arts. Its specialized spaces are not only for creation and presentation but also for hosting receptions and special events, providing a versatile venue for all occasions. Thanks to partnerships with Resident Arts Partners such as Arts Network Ottawa, Gloucester Pottery School, MIFO, Ottawa School of Art–Orléans Campus, and Ottawa School of Theatre, the centre’s program diversity is unparalleled. These collaborations ensure a broad spectrum of activities and events, making every visit a unique discovery. The event calendar is brimming with options, ranging from comedy and musical tributes to family performances and world music, ensuring that there’s something to captivate visitors of all ages and interests​.

For nature lovers, Orleans is a treasure trove of scenic beauty, boasting an array of trails that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Among these, the trail leading to Princess Louise Falls stands out as a must-visit destination. This hidden gem, nestled within a suburban setting, offers an easy escape to nature’s splendour, where the rush of water over sedimentary rocks creates a captivating scene reminiscent of much larger and more remote waterfalls​​. The falls are named after Princess Louise, the artistic daughter of Queen Victoria, adding a touch of royal allure to their natural beauty. Despite its proximity to urban development, the area around Princess Louise Falls retains a sense of tranquillity and wilderness, with a network of trails that allow visitors to explore both the base and summit of the falls​​. The best time to witness the falls in their full glory is during the spring thaw, when the water flow is at its peak, creating a powerful and mesmerizing spectacle​​. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Princess Louise Falls serves as a popular backdrop for photographers and nature lovers alike, offering countless opportunities to capture the beauty of the Ontario landscape. Despite its growing popularity, the falls have maintained their charm and continue to be a well-kept secret among locals and visitors seeking a peaceful retreat into nature​​. Orleans’s network of trails, especially the one leading to Princess Louise Falls, exemplifies the area’s commitment to preserving natural beauty while providing accessible outdoor activities for all to enjoy. 

Orleans is a gateway to nature’s wonders, boasting remarkable conservation areas that allure both nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity away from the urban bustle. Among these natural treasures, Mer Bleue Bog and the NCC Greenbelt Pathway stand out for their unique environmental and recreational offerings. Mer Bleue Bog, a significant component of Canada’s Capital Greenbelt, is an ecological gem that mirrors a northern boreal landscape uncommonly found in this region. Spanning over 3,500 hectares, this conservation area is renowned for its ancient bog ecosystem, which is around 7,700 years old. Visitors can explore over 20 kilometres of trails suitable for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing, making Mer Bleue a versatile destination throughout the year. The area is celebrated for its diversity of wildlife, plants, and birds, serving as a vital habitat for many species and an outdoor classroom for nature lovers of all ages​​. In addition to Mer Bleue, the NCC Greenbelt Pathway offers expansive routes that weave through various landscapes, connecting green spaces, agricultural lands, and other natural environments within Orleans. This pathway is ideal for cyclists and pedestrians looking to cover longer distances while enjoying scenic vistas and the serenity of nature. It forms a crucial link between different conservation areas, enhancing the greenbelt’s role as a recreational and ecological corridor for the community and its visitors. These conservation areas in Orleans are not just spaces for outdoor activities but are integral to the preservation of local biodiversity and the provision of natural havens for residents and tourists alike.

Orleans is a hub for golf enthusiasts, boasting three standout golf courses: Anderson Links Golf & Country Club, GreyHawk Golf Club, and Pineview Golf Course. Each offers unique experiences to cater to a wide range of golfing preferences and skill levels, making Orleans an ideal destination for those passionate about golf. Anderson Links Golf & Country Club offers a compelling mix of challenging and unique course designs suitable for golfers at all levels. Since its inauguration in 2007, Anderson Links has established itself as a premier golfing destination, featuring diverse landscapes and natural beauty across its course. The club enhances the golfing experience with amenities such as a driving range and the ‘Sticks’ restaurant, ensuring a fulfilling day out for golfers. Its dedication to maintaining pristine course conditions is evident, providing an exceptional golfing experience​​​​. GreyHawk Golf Club distinguishes itself with two 18-hole courses: Predator and Talon, set against the scenic backdrop of Cumberland, Ontario. The Predator course, designed by Paul Takahashi, challenges golfers with its strategic layout over 6924 yards. The Talon course, a creation of Darrell Huxham and Graham Cooke, offers a parkland-style challenge across 7069 yards, demanding strategic play and shot shaping. Both courses showcase GreyHawk’s commitment to offering diverse and challenging golfing experiences​​​​. Pineview Golf Course enriches the local golf scene with two distinct courses: a Championship Course and a Short Course, catering to both experienced players and beginners. The Championship Course, a 6540-yard par 72 layout, and the Short Course, a 3516-yard par 62 designed by Graham Cooke, offer varied challenges. Pineview stands out for its continuous evolution, with enhancements that meet modern standards of playability and course condition. It also boasts a clubhouse that can accommodate over 250 guests, making it a prime venue for tournaments and events​​​​. Each club in Orleans provides a unique golfing journey, from challenging terrains and beautiful scenery to comprehensive facilities and services. 

Orleans boasts a variety of shopping destinations that cater to all tastes and needs, beyond the well-known Place d’Orleans and Orleans Town Centre. Among these, Orleans Gardens, SmartCentres Orleans, and RioCan Orleans are notable examples, each offering a diverse range of stores, services, and dining options. Orleans Gardens is a community-centric shopping area located at 1615 Orléans Blvd. It features over 35 stores including essentials like grocery, dining, health services, and more. With a convenient location and a variety of services, it’s a go-to for local shopping needs​​. SmartCentres Orleans, situated at 3900 Innes Road, presents another excellent shopping venue with over 35 brand name stores. Anchored by major retailers, it’s a destination for everything from fashion and home goods to electronics and beauty products. Its expansive retail offerings ensure a comprehensive shopping experience​​. RioCan Orleans, located at 4510 Innes Rd, rounds out the trio with 26 stores offering a mix of dining, retail, and services. This centre is easily accessible and provides a variety of shopping options for the community, from everyday essentials to special occasions​​. These shopping centres in Orleans demonstrate the area’s robust retail landscape, offering residents and visitors ample choices for shopping and leisure. 

Orleans Real Estate

Types of Homes for Sale in Orleans

Orleans is a vibrant community offering a wide array of home types to suit various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a growing family, or looking for a comfortable place to retire, Orleans has something to match every need. Single-Family Homes dominate the Orleans real estate landscape, featuring a range of styles from cozy bungalows to expansive multi-story dwellings. These homes cater to families looking for space, privacy, and the freedom to personalize their living areas. With ample yard space, these properties offer outdoor enjoyment and gardening opportunities, making them a popular choice for those prioritizing space and comfort. Townhouses in Orleans present a practical option for those seeking a balance between spacious living and low maintenance. These homes often come with multiple levels, offering separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, but with the added convenience of external property care handled by homeowners’ associations. Townhouses are ideal for busy professionals, small families, or anyone looking for a community feel with less upkeep. Condominiums provide an excellent option for buyers looking for affordability and convenience. Perfect for singles, couples, or downsizers, condos in Orleans offer modern amenities, security, and community living without the hassle of yard work or external maintenance. Many condominium complexes also feature added benefits like fitness centres, pools, and social areas. Semi-Detached Homes strike a perfect balance between the independence of a detached home and the affordability of a townhouse. These properties share a wall with neighbours but typically offer separate entrances and private yards. They’re a great choice for those seeking their own space without the higher price tag of a fully detached home. Orleans provides a rich selection of homes to accommodate a diversity of buyers, from those seeking the independence and space of single-family homes to those preferring the convenience and community of condos and townhouses. Each type of home offers unique advantages, allowing buyers to find the perfect match for their lifestyle and budget.

Age of Homes in Orleans

During the booming years of housing and population growth from 1981 to 1991, Orleans, Ontario, experienced a remarkable transformation. The population tripled from 24,000 to 70,000 people, making it one of the fastest-growing areas in Canada. This surge in growth continued into the late 1980s, earning Orleans the distinction of recording the country’s second-highest population growth rate. In 2001, Orleans became part of the City of Ottawa, cementing its status as an integral part of the region’s urban landscape. This amalgamation set the stage for further development and expansion, leading to the emergence of new communities like Avalon and Notting Gate. The age of homes in Orleans tells a fascinating story of its evolution over time. In neighbourhoods like Convent Glen and Orleans Wood, development began in the mid-20th century, with homes dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. Orleans South boasts some of the area’s oldest residential construction, with homes dating as far back as 1914 in areas like Mer Bleue. As for Orleans East, newer constructions began in the 1980s, attracting residents with modern amenities and designs. This ongoing development reflects Orleans’ appeal to homeowners seeking a mix of historical charm and contemporary comforts. From quaint historical homes to sleek modern residences, Orleans offers a diverse range of living spaces to suit every taste and lifestyle. 

Demographics in Orleans

Orleans boasts a population of 125,937, according to the Canada 2021 Census. Primarily a francophone community, Orleans embraces individuals from various age groups, cultural backgrounds, and life stages, contributing to its vibrant tapestry of diversity and inclusivity. Families are the cornerstone of Orleans’ demographic makeup, constituting a significant portion of its population. With family-friendly amenities like top-rated schools, expansive parks, and recreational facilities, Orleans provides an ideal environment for raising children and fostering strong familial bonds. The suburb’s peaceful atmosphere and safe neighbourhoods further enhance its appeal to families seeking a tranquil and supportive community. Retirees also find solace in Orleans’ serene surroundings, accessible healthcare services, and vibrant community centres. With retirement-friendly amenities and tailored activities, retirees can enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle in the suburb. Culturally, Orleans is a melting pot of traditions, languages, and cuisines, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its residents. From multicultural festivals and community events to ethnic eateries and cultural organizations, Orleans celebrates its cultural richness and fosters a sense of unity and mutual respect among its inhabitants.

Historical Average Sold Prices in Orleans

Over the past few years, the real estate market in Orleans has experienced notable fluctuations in average sold prices, reflecting both local trends and broader economic factors. According to historical data, the average sale price in Orleans saw steady growth from 2019 to 2022, with prices increasing from $452,974 to $735,089 during this period. However, in 2023, the market witnessed a slight downturn, with the average sale price dropping to $688,067. By 2024, the market stabilized, with the average sold price standing at $650,526. 

Historical Average Sold Prices in Orleans

Top-Rated Restaurants in Orleans

Orleans is a culinary haven, boasting a diverse array of international flavours that tantalize and delight discerning palates. In this vibrant community, lovers of Italian cuisine can indulge in savoury pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas that transport them to the heart of Italy. For those craving the bold and aromatic spices of Indian cuisine, Orleans offers a feast for the senses with fragrant curries and mouth watering tandoori specialties that pay homage to the rich culinary traditions of the subcontinent. Thai cuisine enthusiasts will be enchanted by the vibrant and aromatic dishes that grace the menus of local eateries, with bold flavours and fresh ingredients that capture the essence of Thailand’s culinary heritage. Additionally, Japanese food aficionados will revel in the authentic sushi and sashimi offerings, where the artistry of Japanese cuisine is celebrated in every bite. Whether you’re exploring the flavours of Italy, India, Thailand, or Japan, Orleans promises a culinary journey like no other, where each bite is a taste of culinary excellence from around the globe. 

Cucina da Vito is a beloved dining destination in Orleans, renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine and warm, inviting atmosphere. With an impressive rating of 4.7 stars, this restaurant has garnered praise from locals and visitors alike for its delicious dishes, attentive service, and cozy ambiance. From traditional pasta dishes to mouth watering pizzas and delectable desserts, Cucina da Vito offers a culinary experience that transports diners to the heart of Italy. 

Caravela Restaurante is a cherished culinary gem in Orleans, celebrated for its authentic Portuguese cuisine and hospitable atmosphere. Boasting an impressive 4.6-star rating, this restaurant has captivated diners with its flavorful dishes, attentive service, and cozy ambiance. From traditional Portuguese seafood delicacies to hearty meat dishes and tantalizing desserts, Caravela Restaurante offers a culinary journey to Portugal’s coastal towns. 

Delicious Steak House stands out as a premier dining destination in Orleans, renowned for its succulent steaks and inviting ambiance. With an impressive 4.5-star rating, this restaurant has earned praise from patrons for its mouthwatering cuts of meat, attentive service, and cozy atmosphere. From perfectly grilled ribeyes to tender fillet mignon and flavorful sirloins, Delicious Steak House offers a carnivore’s paradise. 

The Bad Alibi is a popular gathering spot in Orleans, known for its lively atmosphere and delicious drinks. With an impressive 4.6-star rating, this establishment has garnered praise for its friendly staff, cozy ambiance, and extensive selection of beverages. Whether you’re in the mood for craft cocktails, local brews, or classic favourites, The Bad Alibi has something to satisfy every palate. Perfect for a night out with friends or a casual drink after work, this neighbourhood bar offers a welcoming environment where guests can unwind and enjoy good company.

Mumbai Masala Grill is a culinary gem, celebrated for its authentic Indian cuisine and warm ambiance. Boasting a stellar 4.6-star rating, this restaurant has captured the hearts of diners with its flavorful dishes, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere. From aromatic curries to tantalizing tandoori specialties and savoury street food favourites, Mumbai Masala Grill Orleans offers a culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of India. 

Little Elephant Thai Bistro is a beloved culinary gem in Orleans, cherished for its authentic Thai flavours and welcoming atmosphere. With an impressive 4.6-star rating, this restaurant has captured the hearts of diners with its delicious dishes, attentive service, and cozy ambiance. From traditional Pad Thai to fragrant curries and refreshing papaya salads, Little Elephant Thai Bistro offers a culinary journey through the vibrant and diverse flavours of Thailand. 

Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine is a culinary treasure in Orleans, celebrated for its authentic flavours and welcoming atmosphere. With an exceptional 4.8-star rating, this restaurant has captivated diners with its delicious dishes, attentive service, and vibrant Caribbean ambiance. From savoury jerk chicken to flavorful oxtail stew and mouthwatering curry goat, Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine offers a taste of the islands that transports guests to the sunny shores of Jamaica. 

Saigon Bistro is a culinary gem nestled in Orleans, renowned for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine and inviting atmosphere. With an impressive 4.8-star rating, this restaurant has captured the hearts of diners with its delicious dishes, attentive service, and cozy ambiance. From savoury pho to flavorful banh mi and delectable spring rolls, Saigon Bistro offers a culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of Vietnam.

Persis Grill is a culinary gem in Orleans, celebrated for its authentic Persian cuisine and inviting ambiance. With an impressive 4.5-star rating, this restaurant has captivated diners with its flavorful dishes, attentive service, and cozy atmosphere. From aromatic kebabs to fragrant rice dishes and mouth watering stews, Persis Grill offers a culinary journey through the rich and diverse flavours of Persia. 

Hello Sushiman is a beloved culinary destination in Orleans, renowned for its authentic Japanese cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. With an impressive 4.6-star rating, this restaurant has won the hearts of diners with its delicious sushi rolls, attentive service, and cozy ambiance. From classic California rolls to innovative specialty rolls and fresh sashimi, Hello Sushiman offers a culinary journey through the vibrant and diverse flavours of Japan. 

Looking for Home in Orleans?

As you immerse yourself in the essence of Orleans, you’ll uncover a community that offers far more than just a place to reside; it’s a vibrant neighbourhood brimming with character and convenience. Perfect for families, professionals, and anyone in search of a harmonious blend of urban accessibility and suburban tranquillity, Orleans is a true hidden gem. Boasting a diverse range of affordable housing options and close proximity to downtown Ottawa, Orleans also boasts ample green spaces like the scenic Petrie Island and the beautiful Ottawa River, catering to a lifestyle that cherishes both nature and neighbourhood connectivity. For those considering making Orleans their new home, why not schedule a real estate consultation with us? Our comprehensive guide to buying a home in Ottawa, coupled with our latest listings of condos and homes in the area, offers invaluable insights into this welcoming community. Embark on your Orleans adventure today by reaching out to us, and take the first step towards discovering your dream home in a locale where community warmth and convenient living seamlessly converge.